Phillip Townsend Photography

Phillip Townsend took photos of the most remarkable of decades- the 1960s. When London was the coolest city in the world. He took his first serious picture in 1960 and then 10 years later at the close of the decade he put away his cameras for good. When he looked at his photo collection a few years ago, he found a treasure trove, from that most magical of times. These rediscovered works are sought  by National Galleries the world over, magazines, newspapers and of course collectors.

Philip Townsend’s photographs are the Sixties:

While most photographers took portraits, normally closely cropped, Townsend instinctively widened his frame to include backgrounds, landscapes and the sheer feel of the period. A fine example is his portfolio of the Rolling Stones, including their first ever picture sessions, when they were broke and hungry, without a recording contract, a band not yet on the run. Townsend bought them barbecued chickens and set about fostering the semi-delinquent image which they still cultivate today.

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