Silver K was founded in 1979 with the aim of bringing art to the Australian market that had not been previously seen in this country. Over the years we have come to specialize in two major areas.

  •  Original Rock n Roll Photography
  • Animation Art

Rock n Roll photography has been one of the special highlights of Silver K gallery. The gallery owns one of the largest collections of original negatives by famous photographer Dezo Hoffman. Dezo is one of the first photographers to work with the Beatles in the early 1960s and his iconic shots are now famous throughout the world. We print all these images from the original negatives and each one is individually hadn retouched as Dezo did in his studio all those years ago. We also stock an extraordinary collection of photographs from Robert Freeman, Astrid Kirrcherr, Yurgen Volmer, and many others.

In the world of animation we have represented all the major studios and featured art from such classics as Disney, Warner Bros, Hanna-Barbera, Fox Studios and many, many others. We have had many major exhibitions and had famous animators including Chuck Jones, Bill Hanna, Iwao Takamoto, Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnson, Paul Carlson and others as special guests at exhibitions which started in 1987 and are ongoing. We have one of the largest stock holdings of animation art in the world, so please take time to view our website.