Elvis Presley

The Elvis Photographic Collection

The King needs no introduction; one of the few household names from the 1950s that is still as popular as ever. Born in Tupelo, Mississippi but made his mark in Memphis, Tennessee at the now famous Sun Studios.

Instead of waxing lyrical here are some facts about Elvis:

  • Elvis Presley is the sold more records than any other solo musician in history- estimated at 1 billion.
  • Elvis recorded at least 665 songs
  • In 1973, Presley staged the first ever live concert broadcast via satellite, Aloha from Hawaii, seen by 1.5 billion viewers
  • 149 of Elvis’ songs appeared on Billboard’s Hot 100 Pop Chart in the US. Of these, 114 were in the top forty, 40 were in the top ten, and 18 went to number one
  • He starred in 31 feature films during the 1960s.

That’s why they call him The King.

All Images Copyright Presley Family Archives