Dezo Hoffman Photographs

Over 40 years ago, The Beatles cast a magical spell from which the world has never recovered.  their impact, not only on rock & roll music but on all of Western culture, is simply incalculable.

In 1962, Dezo Hoffman received a letter from a fan sent to the Record Mirror, a publication at which Dezo was a staff photographer, bitterly complaining that the press was ignoring the “fab” group in Liverpool called THE BEATLES.  Consequently, he went to Liverpool and took his first pictures of the “smart but rather subdued” group of four young men.  During their meteoric rise in popularity, THE BEATLES hired Dezo Hoffman to be their first professional photographer.  He would go on to chronicle their experiences and as a firsthand participant, captured some of the most bold, imaginative and sensitive images ever produced of THE BEATLES.  Dezo took more shots of the group, and was closer to them, than almost any other photographer.  He covered nearly every major event in their career, often being the only photographer present.