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Phillip Townsend Exhibition 2011

Silver K Gallery: Phillip Townsend  Exhibition 2011

Philip Townsend recorded all the movers and shakers of the time, beautiful and ugly alike: the louche lords and club owners, press barons and business moguls, stars and socialites, artists and creatives, royals and ruffians, and above all the new aristocrats of pop and rock, spearheaded by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

And he documented the peacock gear they wore, the sleek cars they drove, and the aeroplanes that flew them to fresh horizons. Silver K was honoured to have an exhibition in early 2011 featured around Phillip Townsend’s body of work.

The exhibition was a raging sucess

Here is a small collection of his photos to wet the appetite, for a view of his full works click here.


Phillip Townsend

Philip Townsend was a photographer that took photos of the Swinging 60s.