10 Things you didn’t know about The Beatles

    1. Lennon and Paul McCartney provided backing vocals to the 1967 Stones single We Love You.
    2. Two days after Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band released, Jimi Hendrix opened his set at London’s  Saville Theatre with the title track, something McCartney considers his “single biggest tribute”.
    3. The working title for the film Help! was Eight Arms to Hold You.
    4.  The BBC banned several Beatles songs – I Am the Walrus (for the use of the word ‘knickers’) and Fixing a Hole, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and A Day in the Life (all for alleged drug reference).

  1. The closest the Beatles came to reuniting was at Eric Clapton’s wedding to Patti Boyd in 1979, where McCartney, Harrison and Starr played. Lennon did not attend
  2.  In the mid 1950s, John Lennon got the Elvis bug and went out and bought a guitar. But it wasn’t the first instrument he learned to play. His mother, Julia, had taught him to strum the banjo first. In fact, Lennon originally learned to play his guitar like a banjo, with the sixth string slack. The gifted instrumentalist also played the harmonica, the piano and flute
  3. The Beatles appeared 294 times at the Cavern between December 1960 and August 1963.
  4. The Observer reported on February 9, 1964, that an American company was making 35, 000 Beatle wigs a day.
  5. On the first night Ringo replaced local hero Pete Best in the Cavern, there was uproar among the fans. The music was drowned out by cries of “We want Pete.”
  6. The Beatles only ever entered one talent contest. They were beaten by a lady playing the spoons.