Toby Bluth
Toby Bluth is an American painter of Disney fine art, who has worked on many Disney films as a Background Artist and Production Designer. He has also had long career writing and illustrating Children’s Books, not to mention performing and or directing, nearly one hundred musicals, both on Broadway and off.  Bluth’s artwork is prominently displayed at most of the Disney theme parks around the world.

Limited Edition Giclees
The Ink and Paint department at Disney Studios was in charge for the painting and inking of all animated shorts and full length feature films. This begun with such classics as Steamboat Willie and Silly Symphonies right through to modern master pieces as such The Little Mermaid. Today however the Ink and Paint department is solely involved in the creation of exquisite limited edition artwork.  

Family Portrait
Mary Poppins and the Merry Penguins
Making Music
Enchanted Evening


Tigger Tackle

Winter Wonderland

Jiminy Cricket

Ooh La La

The Triumphant Mr Toad

The Sweet Dreams Suite
- Sweet Dreams Jiminy
- Sweet Dreams Bunnies
- Sweet Dreams Dwarfs
- Sweet Dreams Figaro
* sold only as a suite
The Boss's Hat
Strike Up The Band
Top Of The Stairs
"Cute As A Button"
"It All Started With A Mouse"
"The Lost Soup Scene"
"Blast You Pan!"
"Is She Asleep?"
"Portrait Of Innocence"
"Bambi And Mother"
"Sew Beautiful"
"Dog Show"
"Dumbo - Baby Mine"
"In the Beginning"
"Tidying Up"
"Coming Home"

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