Jim Lee is  one of the most successful artists in American comics. He has received a enormous amount of recognition for his work in the industry, including the Harvey Special Award For New Talent in 1990.

X-Men #1 still is the best-selling comic book of all-time with sales of 8 million copies of the first issue.

In 1991, Lee helped launch a second X-Men series simply called X-Men, not only as the artist, but also as co-writer.  Lee designed new uniforms for characters such as Cyclops. Jean Grey, Rogue, Psylocke and Storm, creating the images that an entire generation of X-Men readers would associate with the characters.
In 1992, Lee was one of seven artists who formed Image Comics creating popular lines like WildC.AT.S, Stormwatch, Deathblow and Gen13.
In 1998, Lee left Image Comics and returned to his roots as an illustrator. In 2003 he collaborated on a 12 issue run on Batman together with a year's stint on Superman called For Tomorrow.  Lee continues to run the company he founded, working side by side with new artists.